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Ming Na Wen You probably haven’t heard the name

You probably haven’t heard the name before and is probably picturing a Chinese women that speaks something like this: “xing na wen, thai pu Sum ta!” And if so then you’re wrong. One of the sexiest Hollywood actresses; Ming Na Wen, famous for her role as “Melinda May” in Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. And she seriously doesn’t look hot in that leather jacket and tight pants and fly can she spin those running kicks off her Hot and fiery nature as part of her character in the movie. She is however absolutely hot in everything. Being a Scorpion women, she’s absolutely enticing. She’s of perfect figures. She’s always tempered up which gives off an essence of hotness all the way. Asian babes are always steaming hot anyway and you know it! They have very active personalities and actions even if you don’t understand a single word they say in their cute language.

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